Swing Voters 2


The Democrats can get a lot of Reagan Democrats back just by showing them some respect: money. You’re never going to bring back most of those factory jobs; they got automated out of existence. Public works, now called “infrastructure,” projects can’t be automated or outsourced out of existence. They can be union jobs; they usually are. They can come with health and retirement benefits; they usually have. Make America Great Again with safe highways and bridges, beautiful airports, etc. Hillary talked about this stuff but like it was a budget item, not a way of bringing jobs to the working class. But there’s one thing the working class wants even more than work—and let’s face it, construction jobs are tough, in fact so tough, there’s a shortage of tradespeople. And machine tool operators.

The one thing a working man wants more than anything else is a pension. His golden dream is of getting paid for not working. The thing he hates most about black people is that they get welfare, which is a pittance, but which the working man sees as free money, retirement. (I know, most people on welfare are white women with children and they are drowning in poverty despite the pittance of welfare, but that’s not what the working man thinks. They are getting free money. I’m not. Gimme!) Universal Basic Income is going to be a hard sell. The working man wants to think he’s earned his free money. He’s sure that his Social Security is money he saved up. He has no idea that it’s a transfer payment system that distributes between 2 and 5 times what people put in. You’re going to have to make him feel he’s earned that free money.

Some of it will be an easy sell. One of the advantages of UBI is that it allows the government to roll up other social programs into it. No more welfare! About time. Hey look, now I’m getting a check. But it’s not a hand out. It’s a payout.

Frame UBI as a dividend everyone gets for creating a strong business environment. Cops keep the streets safe. Firemen come to the rescue. The people’s taxes make the American dollar the benchmark of the world. And the American political system makes for a tranquil, dependable business environment. The people deserve their share. UBI. You earned it.


Author: leonardrysdyk

Leonard Rysdyk is the author of more than a dozen novels, stories, articles and poems. His work has appeared in many publications including Snow White, Blood Red, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Aboriginal Magazine and the New York Review of Science Fiction. A professor at Nassau Community College, he teaches literature (including science fiction), cultural history (including the history of science) and is an acknowledged innovator in the field of Computer Aided Instruction (CAI), a subject on which he has lectured and consulted.

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