The Russians Are Coming!

Remember how worried we all were in the US of a Russian attack? The duck and cover movies? Dr. Strangelove? The madcap comedy of Carl Reiner in that small New England town when a Russian sub shows up in The Russians Are Coming? Red Dawn?

Remember how revolutionary it seemed to have a Russian crewmember on Star Trek or have Russian scientists working cooperatively with Americans in 2001: A Space Odyssey? But that was science fiction.

And now they’re here! No need to look any further than the President of the United States, his National Security Advisor and the Secretary of State. All dear friends of Vladimir Putin. In the case the National Security Advisor, General Michal Flynn was a paid employee of Vladimir Putin. The new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson was awarded a medal of friendship by Putin, but more importantly made multi-billion dollar deals for his company ExxonMobil with Russian kleptocrats. His is hardly an unbiased outlook on Kremlin objectives.

Of course Trump’s connections to Putin are more murky, hidden no doubt in his secret tax statements, but Putin did not hack the DNC just because Trump asked him to. Can you believe Trump invited a foreign government to interfere with an American election? And the Trump people had a reason beyond Twitter to keep a server link between Trump Tower and Moscow. And Trump couldn’t possibly believe the CIA is making up its findings that the Russians hacked the Clinton campaign just as Trump asked them to do.

What Putin has on Trump is not clear but clearly the Russians have arrived and they’re right in the Oval Office, the office next to the Oval Office and in Foggy Bottom.

What will they do with their influence? I don’t know, but if I were Latvian, I’d be packing my bags now. The US just became a colony of Mother Russia.

Author: leonardrysdyk

Leonard Rysdyk is the author of more than a dozen novels, stories, articles and poems. His work has appeared in many publications including Snow White, Blood Red, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Aboriginal Magazine and the New York Review of Science Fiction. A professor at Nassau Community College, he teaches literature (including science fiction), cultural history (including the history of science) and is an acknowledged innovator in the field of Computer Aided Instruction (CAI), a subject on which he has lectured and consulted.

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