Holy Day

The inauguration is still a few days away but George W. Bush has his clothes laid out already. He’s going! He managed to put on a good face when Obama was sworn in. As Obama went on about hope and change and unity, it almost made the audience forget Bush had tanked the economy. All right, maybe they were a little too excited. And then the Nobel committee gave Obama a Peace Prize just for getting elected, like all Europe was letting out a sigh that Bush was gone.

There were opinion columns that described Bush as the worst president in history. Come on! Worse than Buchanan? He started the Civil War! Worse than Andrew Johnson? He was nearly impeached! Worse than Nixon? Nixon! Oh, yeah. The Clean Air Act. China. Ugh.

But all that was about to change with Trump. Everything about him was comical, except what was revolting. The ignorance. The swagger. The hair. And those were his good qualities. He had never made a secret that he was bound and determined to use the office of the Presidency to line his pockets. He never used those words but the pleasure in his voice when he repeated that the president “can’t have a conflict of interest” was unmistakable. He almost drooled. And there was the Russian connection. How long could he keep that a secret? Especially when today Putin denounced the Obama administration for running down Trump for being Putin’s pal. The one man you don’t want giving you a character reference is Putin. The White House press secretary responded, “Sounds like he got the memo,” meaning Putin was refuting the claims in the same way Trump was. But maybe Trump got the memo from Putin! And one of the women who was a contestant on The Apprentice and is accusing Trump of assaulting her is bringing a suit and threatening to subpoena tapes from the show. The rumor is Trump really let his lips flap, him being the star and all.

This is a glorious time to be Mike Pence. That guy was finished in his home state and soon he’s going to be President.

The Trump bubble would burst in an explosion of scandal and people would look back on good old Dubya as a good ole boy who did the best he could with the hand he was dealt. Even Nixon almost got rehabilitated. Almost. He was working on it.

The 43rd President of the United States can’t wait to applaud the 45th. He’ll wipe the slate clean with his dirt.

Now it was time for a bath. Where were his watercolors?

Author: leonardrysdyk

Leonard Rysdyk is the author of more than a dozen novels, stories, articles and poems. His work has appeared in many publications including Snow White, Blood Red, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Aboriginal Magazine and the New York Review of Science Fiction. A professor at Nassau Community College, he teaches literature (including science fiction), cultural history (including the history of science) and is an acknowledged innovator in the field of Computer Aided Instruction (CAI), a subject on which he has lectured and consulted.

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