Instigation #1

I’m going to suggest something that sounds revolutionary but is actually the opposite. I want ALL the electors at December’s meetings of the Electoral College to vote for Hillary Clinton. It should be easy for them, since she got the most votes and in an election the one with the most votes is the winner. (Anyone else, by definition, is a usurper.) But it is also exactly what they are supposed to do. When Alexander Hamilton suggested the College, its purpose was to make sure the people weren’t deluded into voting for a demagogue or someone who was unfit for office. That’s exactly what is happening now. I’m only asking them to do their constitutional duty.

For several nights in a row there have been spontaneous protests in most of the major cities across America. I have never seen anything like this before, not even when the Supreme Court stole the election from Gore and appointed Bush president, though he had half a million fewer votes. (And we remember how well that worked out.) The protesters are angry, but they don’t seem to have any demands.

They should demand the Electors vote for Hillary Clinton, the candidate who got the most votes.

If this is asking too much, let them vote proportionally, instead of winner-take-all as is the custom, to reflect the percentage of votes each candidate got in each state. Again, Hillary gets more votes.

Either way, they declare the candidate who got more votes the winner.

How revolutionary is that?